Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah

zion national park, springdale, utah
zion national park, zion canyon
zion national park
zion national park


Zion National Park


Zion National Park of Springdale in Utah, U.S.A., is a 229-square mile national park situated at the intersection of the Great Basin, Mojave Desert and the Colorado Plateau. It is the stateís oldest national park, having been created in 1919. Its main attraction is the Zion Canyon, which houses most of its park facilities. It is the most visited section of the park. Zionís unique location provides for an extraordinary variety of animals and plants.


It covers four of natureís life zones such as the desert, coniferous forest, riparian and woodland. All these four are inhabited by a wide collection of birds, mammals and reptiles. From the Kingdom Plantae, there are boxelder, cactus, cottonwood, datura, yucca, juniper, pine, sagebrush and willows. Bighorn Sheeps, California Condors, Golden Eagles, Mountain Lions and Mule Deer also thrive in this almost sacred animal sanctuary. Zion also features the Kolob Terrace and Kolob Canyons, both of which are a good pick for visitors looking for backcountry sceneries.


All of these three distinct areas of the Zion carry the national parkís trademark of soaring monoliths and colossal towers. However, Zion is best known for its amazing canyons. One of its best attractions is The Narrows, luring canyon enthusiasts from across the oceans. A lot of people also come here for hiking. Zionís annual average of visitors reaches three million, making it the most visited and used park in Utah.

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