Washington State Capitol, Capital Olympia, United States

washington state capitol, usa
washington state capitol, united states
washington state capitol
washington state capitol


Washington State Capitol


The Washington State Capitol, the state’s center of authority, is located in its capital Olympia, Washington. Unlike most state capitols, Washington State Capitol is composed of a number of buildings erected together in a campus. The capitol campus houses the Governor’s mansion, the Washington State Supreme Court and the Washington State Legislature. Covering a 12-acre of land overlooking the Capitol Lake, Washington State Capitol makes enormously beautiful scenery.


On the site is a charming two-story edifice built in wood frame. This is where the legislature’s meetings were being held since 1856. Other buildings that compose the state capitol include the Legislative Building, the Temple of Justice, the Governor’s mansion, the John A. Cherberg Senate building, the Insurance Building, the Irv Newhouse Senate Building, the John L. O’Brien House and the General Administration Building.

There is also the Capitol Conservatory, which serves as a home to different kinds of plants, adding

more life to the already beautiful surroundings of the capitol. A lot of veteran memorials are also

featured in the campus premises. One of the things that make the capitol more interesting are the 42 steps that take people up the entrance of the building, which were intentionally placed to signify Washington as United States 42nd state.

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