The Shoppes, Arbor Lakes, Maple Groove, Minnesota

the shoppes, arbor lakes, maple grove,  minnesota
the shoppes, minnesota
the shoppes, arbor lakes, minnesota
the shoppes, maple grove,  minnesota


The Shoppes - Arbor Lakes


Winnebago Indians were the only residents in the vicinity of Maple Grove until 1851 when Louis Gervais came and established a settlement. Four years later, the city included a church, town hall and countless American homes. Like the growth spurt of its city of origin, the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes area of Maple Grove is quickly becoming one of the state of Minnesota's crown tourist destinations.

Minnesota's foremost lifestyle center, The Shoppes, is fashioned in a way that reflects the spirit of a

mid-century American village. It includes diverse stores such as Anthropologie , Borders Books & Music, California Pizza Kitchen, Good Things, Hot Mama, National Camera Exchange, Pottery Barn, P.F. Chang's, Williams-Sonoma, Teavana and many other chic establishments. Built in 2003, the lifestyle center has been imitated in other places as well such as Woodbury (Woodbury Lakes).

Maple Grove's Shoppes quarters to more than 65 restaurants and stores. It is distinct in that it is an outdoor mall where high end establishments surround a stylish courtyard.  Behind the Shoppes is a transit parking ramp, while both ends are bordered by unique dining and shopping or movie establishments. The Shoppes is home to more retail stores than possibly any city in the state, second only to the Mall of America in Bloomington. Its newest retail expansion was opened last 2004.

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