State Capitol, Nashville, Nashville, USA

tennessee state capitol, nashville, usa
tennessee state capitol, nashville
tennessee state capitol
tennessee state capitol

Tennessee State Capitol


The Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville serves as the home of the office of the state governor and legislature. Construction of the building unbelievably took 14 years to finish, started in 1845 and

finished in 1859. Architect William Strickland of Philadelphia fashioned the building in a Greek Revival style, after an Ionic Temple. Architect Strickland unfortunately died before the completion of the building and F.W. Strickland, his son, took over the supervision of the structure’s construction and completed it

in 1859.

The capitol grounds feature statues of great American presidents such as Andrew Johnson, and Andrew Jackson and the tomb of James K. Polk. All three former U.S. presidents were residents of Tennessee in the early years of their career. Alvin York, a Medal of Honor awardee and a hero soldier during the

World War I, is also given tribute with a statue.


Remnants from the former Tennessee State Prison can also be found here in broken fragments and columns of limestone. Tennessee State Capitol was formally listed at the National Register of Historic Places on the 8th of July in 1970 and made it to the list of the National Historic Landmark on the 11th of November in 1971.

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