Stone Arch Bridge, Red River Valley, Minneapolis

stone arch bridge, red river valley, minneapolis
stone arch bridge, red river valley
stone arch bridge, red river valley
stone arch bridge, red river valley


Stone Arch Bridge - Red River Valley


Stone Arch Bridge – well-known for its elegant arches and spectacular views – defines the Minneapolis’ skyline. Railroad magnate James J. Hill built the bridge in 1883 to permit increased traffic of people and goods across the Mississippi River. The bridge spans St. Anthony Falls, and served as an operational railroad bridge until 1965, bringing wheat from the Red River valley and Canada straight to the mills of Minneapolis.


In 1963, the Stone Arch Bridge was customized to replace two arches with a 200-foot long truss

spanning the navigation channel. The unique landmark, fashioned from native granite and limestone, measures 2,176 feet by 28 feet, with 23 arches. It is the one and only stone arch bridge ever

constructed over the Mississippi River. As a National Historic Engineering Landmark, its note-worthy physical structure and important role signifies the growth of Minneapolis.


The Stone Arch Bridge accommodates pedestrians, bicyclists and the River City Trolley. It continues to offer stunning views of St. Anthony Falls, the memorable milling district and the Minneapolis skyline and is a key link in the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail. It has become a cultural symbol, representing the pivotal role the Mississippi River plays in Minneapolis’ social and economic framework.

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