Oregon State Captiol, Salem, USA

oregon state capitol
oregon state capitol
oregon state capitol
oregon state capitol


Oregon State Capitol


The Oregon State Capitol in Salem, the capital of the state, is the home of Oregonís governor, state treasurer and secretary, the House and the Senate, and the state legislature. Two years in the making, started in December 4, 1936 and finished during the Great Depression in October 1, 1938, this state capitol served as the third home of the Oregon state government. The first two capitol buildings were both incinerated. Fire destroyed the first in 1855 and the second, in 1935.

Trowbridge and Livingston architects from New York fashioned the state capitol in an Art Deco inspired design, combining the refinement of Greek and simplicity of Egypt design, making it the only state

capitol with this style. Marble was predominantly used in both the exterior and interior of the building.

The capitol grounds were adorned with fountains, flowers, trees and artwork. Oregon grape, which is

the state flower and Douglas fir, state tree are both found here.


The charming Capitol and Willson parks are also within the premises of the capitol grounds. Oregon State Capitol was formally dedicated on the 1st of October, 1938, with speeches from its then governor, Charles Henry Martin, Robert W. Sawyer, Leslie M. Scott, and then President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself.

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