Oklahoma National Memorial, Oklahoma City, USA

oklahoma national memorial
oklahoma national memorial
oklahoma national memorial
oklahoma national memorial


Oklahoma National Memorial


Oklahoma City National Memorial is the United States’ largest national memorial in existence. It was built in 1997 to honor the victims that suffered, the survivors that endured as well as the rescuers that persevered during the Oklahoma City bombing on the 19th of April, year 1995. The national memorial replaced the once site of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, which was one of the casualties in the 1995 bombing, at the corner of N. Harvey Avenue and N. Robinson Avenue downtown.

The national memorial was formalized by the Oklahoma City National Memorial Act of 1997, which was signed by then President Bill Clinton on the 9th of October in 1997. Being part of the historic areas of

the National Park Service, the national memorial was formally registered at the National Register of Historic Places on the same day. It was then put under the care and management of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation.


On the 19th of April in 2000, the national memorial was officially dedicated in conjunction with the commemoration of the bombing’s fifth anniversary. The following year, the National Memorial Museum was also dedicated on the 19th of February. The National Museum can be found at the northern section of the memorial grounds, together with the Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism; both of which take shelter at the old Journal Record Building.

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