Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City, USA

Oklahoma State Capitol, usa
Oklahoma State Capitol
Oklahoma State Capitol
Oklahoma State Capitol


Oklahoma Capitol


Oklahoma Cityís pride and seat of government is the Oklahoma State Capitol building. This beautiful art of an edifice is a home to the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Oklahoma Legislature. It was built and founded in the year 1919 under the supervision of the Manhattan Construction Company. Its architectural style was heavily inspired by the Classic Revival and Renaissance era, giving it an air of elegance and authority.


This capitol building stands right on top of an oilfield, which is none other than the Oklahoma City Oil Field. The state capitol campus, which is just near the area, became popular for the oil wells discovered in its premises. Today, it remains as the one and only United State capitol ground blessed with active oil rigs. Together with the surrounding government buildings, museums, non-government agencies,

libraries boulevards and including the beautiful streets lined with trees, the state capitol building make

up the Oklahoma State Capitol Complex; or more popularly referred to as Capitol Campus. In between the E. 23rd Street and N.


Lincoln Blvd is the Oklahomaís charming neighborhood. The area is lined with nice bars, restaurants, novelty shops and other fun places to be. The lovely governorís mansion and the comely State Capitol Park are also found at this location.

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