Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick Lighthouse, Savage Rock

cape neddick lighthouse - nubble lighthouse
cape neddick lighthouse - nubble lighthouse
cape neddick lighthouse - nubble lighthouse
cape neddick lighthouse - nubble lighthouse


Nubble Lighthouse - Cape Neddick Lighthouse


Nubble Lighthouse or Cape Neddick Lighthouse is a charming lighthouse standing proud atop of the rocky island of Nubble at the eastern part of Cape Neddick in York, Maine. This charming little island of Nubble lies around two miles from the north entrance of the York Harbor and York River. It was also nicknamed “Savage Rock” by Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602 because of its rocky terrain. Mr. Gosnold

is an explorer who met with the local Indian tribes that time.

The construction of the Nubble Lighthouse began in 1879 with the good grace of the Congress, earmarking $15,000 for the erection of a light station. Hence, the Cape Neddick Light Station came to

be. Cast in iron and lined with brick, the lighthouse was first painted a reddish-brown tint, making a fixed and distinct red light image when seen through a fourth order Fresnel lens.

The US Lighthouse Service dedicated and first illuminated the 41-foot tower on the 1st of July in 1879.

In 1902, it was re-painted in white but retained its classic red blinking beacon. This notable and historic lighthouse still stands and still in use up to this day. Because of it unique charm and natural beauty, the Nubble Lighthouse is considered a classic American icon.

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