New Rochelle City Hall, New York, U.S.A

new rochelle city hall, new york, usa
new rochelle city hall, new york, usa
new rochelle city hall, new york, usa
new rochelle city hall, new york, usa


New Rochelle City Hall


New Rochelle’s notable city hall currently stands proud along the North Avenue, New Rochelle of New York City, U.S.A. Its first city hall opened in 1871 along the Main Street on the 22nd of March 1871, replacing the original Town Hall. Then in 1963, a new city hall was built on what used to be the site of Albert Leonard High School along North Avenue. And this is where it stayed up until this day.

Having reached over 300 years of existence and governance, the city of New Rochelle had weathered

a lot of changes over the years. Beginning with its first settlers-the Huguenots refugees, who arrived at the place in 1688 after fleeing from France, up to the modern people that make up the city’s populace today. A considerable number among the first settlers, many of whom were craftsmen and artisans,

came from La Rochelle City in France. Hence, they appropriately called their new home “New Rochelle”, as if giving life anew to their previous city.

Situated at the southeastern part of the state of New York in Westchester County, New Rochelle is an ideal resident area. It had a total of 73,260 population count in 2007, putting it at the seventh place among the largest in all of New York. New Rochelle was also included in the 100 Best Walking Cities in America and came in second to New York State as the best city in 2008.

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