Mount Shasta, White Mountain, California

mount shasta - white mountain, california, USA
mount shasta, siskiyou county, california, usa
mount shasta, white mountain
mt.shasta, california, usa


Mount Shasta, California


Mount Shasta of California, U.S.A., standing 14,179 feet tall in the Siskiyou County, is the fifth highest

in the said state. It also comes in as the second highest among the mountains of the Cascade Range of western North America. With a rough estimation of 108 cubic miles, it is also the most voluminous composite volcano in the said mountain range.

Mount Shasta is known to the English people as the “White Mountain” because of it being covered in white snow during winter season. Its beauty during these times has inspired artists and writers as well. For the mariners who have seen the amazing ash cloud formation during the 1786 eruption of the volcano, it is the “Lighthouse of the Pacific”. This volcanic beauty and the whole surrounding area are being taken care of by the Shasta-Trinity National Forest of the U.S. Forest Service.


Mountain climbers visit the mountain’s summit annually starting from the latter part of April until October. Although there are also brave mountaineers who dare to climb the summit during the winter. Avalanch Gulch or the John Muir Route is the most popular path that climbers take. There are also hiking trails around the mountain base for inexperienced climbers. Backcountry skiers also go to Mount Shasta for the sport because of the beautiful descents the mountain provides.

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