Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex, New York

lake placid olympic ski jumping complex
lake placid olympic ski jumping complex
lake placid olympic ski jumping complex
lake placid olympic ski jumping complex


Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex


Between Albany and Montreal, two giants have taken home. These friendly giants greet Adirondack visitors as they dominate the eastern sky. Known as the Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumps, these goliath meter jumps have been the proving grounds for many World Champions and Olympians alike. A 90 -

and 120-meter ski jump towers were constructed for the 1980 Olympic Games held in Lake Placid,

Essex County, New York.

The Lake Placid Club constructed the first ski jump back in 1917. The hillside itself was first used as the jump surface for the skiers. In 1923, the jump was further enlarged to fifty meters; and in 1927, a new steel tower was constructed, raising the jump another 25 meters totaling to 60 meters. In 1928, as a venue for the upcoming 1932 Winter Olympics, the tower was raised to 75 meters. In 1977, the old tower was torn down to make way for two new 70 and 90-meter high jumps, used for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.


In 1994, the landing hills were reconstructed and re-graded to bring the complex into compliance with current Olympic standard rules thus increasing their total height to 90 and 120 meters. The 120m jump tower features a skydeck - easy to get to by chairlift and elevator - that'll give you a sky-high perspective on the art of the Ski Jump. It also offers a breathtaking view of nearby John Brown's Farm and the surrounding High Peaks of the Adirondacks.


There are Nordic jumping competitions throughout the course of the summer and winter months. Here you will see the nation's finest take to the air as they “out jump” competitors. The Freestyle Aerial Training Center is located near the base of the jump towers.

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