Lacon Bridge, Illinois, USA

lacon bridge, illinois, usa
lacon bridge
lacon bridge
lacon bridge


Lacon Bridge


Lacon Bridge is an iron bridge of old that has done more than its function as a creek crossing in

Marshall County. The 75-year-old trusswork is an example of a continuous truss bridge. It is a type of bridge that extends to both ends without any hinges or joints across three or more support beams running the length of its body.


A continuous truss bridge uses less material. A series of simple trusses distributes the bridges’ load across all the spans. This simple type of design enables the bridge to support the entire load of traffic travelling its length. Some types of continuous truss bridges are similar to cantilever bridges. They may be constructed using cantilever techniques; which have two forms with each varying greatly from the other.


Cantilever bridges do not need to attach firmly mid-span, as the cantilever arms systems support itself. Some cantilever bridges appear continuous, as if one single ironwork. This is due mainly to the decorative trusswork at the joints. These decorative trusswork serve as camouflage to the gaps. Yet even with such gaps and non-rigid trusswork, these bridges will remain standing even if the connections between the cantilevers are broken. They can even remain aloft and sustain the weight they bear if the suspended span is detached.

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