Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming, USA

devil's tower national monument, wyoming, usa
devil's tower national monument
devil's tower national monument
devil's tower national monument


Devil's Tower National Monument


The State of Wyoming is one of the many in the United States that is gifted with natureís wonder and beauty. One of its prides is the renowned Devilís Tower National Monument and one of the unbelievable wonder of nature that it inspires different legends about its formation. On a scientific point of view or approach, the Devilís Tower National Monument is a volcanic neck or a massive geological formation of an igneous rock. It rises 5,112 feet above sea level and stands majestically at 1,267 ft tall from the ground. It is found just above the Belle Fourche River in Crook County, northeastern part of Wyoming.


American Indian legends though tell at least two different stories. One tells of six Sioux girls who were chased by bears while innocently picking flowers. It is believed that the Great Spirit took pity on them

and raised the ground where the terrified girls stood. The pursuing bears tried to claw their way up the rock but they failed and just left scratch marks all over the newly formed tower. Another legend has it

that it was two Sioux boys who were chased by then infamous bear, Mato, which had teepee pole-sized claws.


It was told that the boys wandered away from their village and Mato chased them to have them for breakfast. Mato almost got them but the Creator himself, Wakan Tanka, answered the boysí prayers

and lifted the boys up to an enormous-sized rock. Mato tried to climb the rock from all sides. He tried

and tried until he had scratched all sides of the rock and gave up to his disappointment. The boys were then carried off by the eagle Wanblee and flew them home.

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