City of Detroit, Michigan, Arsenal of Democracy

city of detroit - arsenal of democracy
city of detroit - hockeytown
detroit, michigan - the motor city
detroit, michigan - rock city


Detroit Michigan - The Motor City


The seat of Wayne County and the largest city in Michigan, U.S.A., Detroit serves as a major port city

in Detroit River. Founded in early 1700s by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, this Michigan city has already gone a long, long way. It is now known worldwide as a traditional automotive center and is even considered synonymous to the phrase American automobile industry.


As it grows into popularity in many different fields, Detroit earned several nicknames such as “Arsenal

of Democracy”, for what it served during World War II; “Hockeytown”, “The D”, and “D-Town”, for the sport; “The Motor City” or “Motown”, for the automotive fame; “Rock City”, after the song Detroit Rock City by the famous band, Kiss; and “The 3-1-3” for its area code. Shown in the picture is the enthralling Detroit International Riverfront, where most of the city’s major events and happenings take place. One good example is the North American International Auto Show.


This area houses a vast array of restaurants, shops, parks, high-rise residential and business buildings, all blessed with the breathtaking view of the Detroit River. North America’s only international wildlife preserve is also here in Detroit—the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. And you will find this unique refuge conveniently situated at the center of the metropolitan area. Here, people get to experience the different types of lands such as shoals, coastal wetlands, islands, marshes, and waterfront lands.

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