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Crocker Art Museum


“Dedicated to promoting an awareness of and enthusiasm for human experience through art”, the Crocker Art Museum has operated continuously longer than any other art museum west of the Mississippi River since its founding in 1885. As the foremost arts institution in the Sacramento Valley,

the Crocker serves as the main regional resource for the study and appreciation of fine art.


It boasts of an excellent compilation of early Californian art with a core collection gifted by Judge E.B. Crocker of over 14,000 pieces of scenes of early settlement, Gold Rush era, and turn of the century Tonalism. The E. B. Crocker Collection was initially displayed in 1873. It was one of the largest personal collections in the country at that time.


While the Crockers regularly opened the gallery for public viewing, it remained a privately held collection until Margaret Crocker offered the building as well as the collection to the City of Sacramento and California Museum Association in 1885. A Floral Festival was held on the day the gallery and collection were presented to the people of Sacramento, a way of thanking Margaret Crocker for her priceless gift. The Festival drew an estimated 20,000 visitors from within the region as well as abroad.

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