Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, United States

crater lake national park, oregon
crater lake national park
crater lake national park
crater lake national park


Crater Lake National Park


Oregon of the United States is blessed with a very beautiful cauldron-like volcanic formation called the Crater Lake. This 4,000-foot deep blue caldera lake is the main attraction of Crater Lake National Park. Its water is so blue and so clear that you would think you could actually swim in heaven. The mere sight of it is truly heavenly captivating.


This nature’s blessing was formed because of the collapse of Mount Mazama around 5,677 BC. It was believed by the early Native American Klamath tribe that the volcano’s collapse and destruction was caused by the battle of the gods- Skell, the god of sky and Llao, god of underworld. The lake that was formed thereafter was considered as a very sacred spiritual site. Vision quests or quests for spiritual strength and powers were believed to be fulfilled when one survives climbing the walls of the miraculous caldera and accomplishing dangerous tasks.

The sacred lake has since gone through time under different names. John Wesley Hillman, the first European American to have reportedly seen the lake in 1853, named it Deep Blue Lake in Oregon.

After that, it was renamed to Blue Lake and then again renamed to Lake Majesty before finally taking

the name it carries today, the Crater Lake.

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