Colorado State Capitol, Denver, United States

colorado state capitol, denver, united states
colorado state capitol, denver
colorado state capitol, denver
colorado state capitol, denver


Colorado State Capitol, Denver


The magnificent building of the Colorado State Capitol is the home of Colorado’s Governor, its Lt. Governor and its honorable legislature. The capitol was first opened in 1894. Strategically situated at East Colfax Avenue in Denver, the edifice was made to resonate the elegance and beauty of the United States Capitol itself. Constructed during the late 1800s, designer Elijah E. Myers fashioned the capitol using elegant Colorado white granite while its golden dome that was added later in 1908, using real gold plate in remembrance of the Colorado Gold Rush in 1859.


Colorado Rose Onyx, which is a rare kind of rose marble mined from a quarry just around Beulah, Colorado, was also used for its interior design. It is believed that the entire supply of the rare stone

from the quarry was all used in the building. Meanwhile, the capitol’s floors were made out of White Yule Marble from Marble, Colorado, bearing numerous designs.

Colorado State Capitol is where the domain of the Capitol Hill district begins. It stands higher than any other building in all of Denver’s downtown. Its main entrance hall alone opens to at least 180 feet up to the dome’s ceiling. In the west side of the magnificent building, the fifteenth step of the entrance is engraved with “One Mille Above Sea Level”. From here, you can get a breathtaking view of the sun while it sets behind the Rocky Mountains.

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