City of Seattle, Washington - Emerald City

city of seattle, washington - emerald city
city of seattle - emerald city
city of seattle, washington
city of seattle - WA


City of Seattle


Here’s a panoramic view of the famous City of Seattle in Washington. With this breathtaking view you would surely spend sleepless nights after having tasted the exciting life in this popularly known Emerald City. Its mild and temperate climate is perfect for almost all outdoor activities such as boating, cycling, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, swimming and all other team sports that you can think of. Even the simple joy of walking or strolling seems extra inviting in Seattle’s fine weather.


This city is once named as the fittest city in all of United States because of all the outdoor recreation

that one can enjoy all year-round. Nature buffs would surely love a walk or a picnic along the Green

Lake and through its leafy forests. Alki Beach, Discovery Park, Myrtle Edwards Park, and Seward Park, all offer the same nice shorelines or areas for walking and strolling. For hiking and skiing, people go to the Olympic Mountains and to Puget Sound, Strait of Georgia or Strait of Juan de Fuca for sailing and kayaking.

Tourists also go to this beautiful city for its numerous festivals and other annual fairs. There’s the

Seattle International Film Festival, which is a 24-day event and is considered the largest film festival in the United States. There are also various Seafair events held during summer from July to August.

These are but a few of the many attractions that this City in the Clouds has to offer.

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