Arches National Park, Natural Sandstone Arches, Utah

arches national park, natural sandstone arches, moab, utah
arches national park, moab, utah
arches national park, natural sandstone arches
arches national park, moab, utah


Arches National Park - Natural Sandstone Arches


One of the many prides of the United States is this one of a kind national park—the Arches National

Park in Moab, Utah. It is nothing like your ordinary national park with its odd but nonetheless awe-inspiring geological formations. The 119-square mile of a land is blessed to have preserved more than 2000 natural sandstone arches.


Notable features of the park were named after their unique formations and they are: the Balanced

Rock, which is a rock as large as three school buses combined, sitting atop another rock at about 128 feet high; the Delicate Arch, a lone and free-standing arch that serves as the landmark of the Arches National Park and has become Utah’s identifying symbol; Dark Angel, a dark stone standing and waiting at the of the trail of Devil Garden; Devil’s Garden, an area littered with a number of columns and arches along a ridge; Double Arch, are to arches joint at one end as the name suggests; the Fiery Furnace, an array of labyrinthine narrow rock columns and passages; and these are just to name a few.


Many other rock formations await to inspire tourists at the Arches National Park.However, climbing in

this national park is strictly regulated to due to the sensitive nature of the rock formations and for the safety of the visitors as well. But still, people can enjoy the scenery with guided commercial tours. Biking, backpacking, hiking and camping are also allowed provided that the visitors secure a permit.

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